Cold therapy systems



    Intense physical activity causes alterations in the body that lead to muscle damage and reduction in performance. From scientific literature, these parameters return to normality within 48 -72 hours after the end of the exercise.

    In most sports activities, athletes often have to train intensely and with short rest periods. Without proper recovery, chronic fatigue not only leads to a decrease in performance, but can also cause overload pathologies. The lack of physical recovery causes a reduction in performance in all the activities based on strength, such as sprinting, jumping and direction changes. Similarly, the perception of fatigue and muscle pain can lead to a further reduction in athletes’ motor-sports performance. The application of cryotherapy by cold water immersion (CWI) is effective at reducing  oedema, muscle pain, perceived fatigue, thermal discomfort, inflammatory and muscle damage markers. Moreover, from the studies documented in scientific literature, positive effects have been observed in jumping ability and sprints, in dynamic power, in isokinetic strength and in maintaining aerobic performance.

    The use of cryotherapy by cold water immersion as a recovery technique is becoming well established across all sports disciplines. The results found in scientific literature indicate as an advisable protocol an immersion period of at least 10 minutes at temperatures not below 8°C.

    The application of this technique can therefore avoid overload caused by chronic fatigue, thus preventing potential pathologies, as well as maintaining an  optimal performance, particularly for professional athletes.

    For further information, please request via e-mail ( the scientific report ‘Effects of cold water immersion on sports performance: analysis of scientific literature’ produced for QRYO by Prof Pietro Enrico di Prampero from the ‘Università degli Studi di Udine’. Prof di Prampero is a world-renown expert in the fields of Sports Medicine and Human Physiology, with over 250 publications in these subjects.


    The products by QRYO are entirely designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy, following the most authentic tradition of quality, design and innovation which identifies the brand ‘MADE IN ITALY’.  The products by QRYO are realised by Mitec s.r.l., a company with several years’ experience in the fields of industrial manufacturing, technological innovation and design.

    The products by QRYO combine the best Italian artisan tradition with last generation materials, industrial processes and technologies. The innovative character of the solutions developed by QRYO has allowed the initiation of a patent procedure for the Portable Ice Bath for cryotherapy by cold water immersion.


    Our Ice Bath for cryotherapy by cold water immersion is designed to be transported and to operate independently in any environment. QRYO Portable Ice Bath is born out of the need of high-performing athletes to practice cryotherapy for physical recovery anywhere they are. We have designed our QRYO Portable Ice Bath to follow the athlete in all his transfers, including those by plane, and to be assembled, disassembled and transported by a single person.

    The bath is connected by means of flexible hoses to a compact chiller. The chiller generates a recirculation of water in order to cool the water contained in the bath, until the required temperature is reached. Afterwards, the temperature is maintained by the chiller during the utilisation of the bath by the athletes. The chiller also purifies the water by injecting ozone directly in the circulation water, using the latest technologies in the field of water sanitation.

    The size of our Ice Bath (900mm x 600mm, height 1000mm) allows two athletes to use it simultaneously. Due to its ease of assembly, it can be arranged in any internal space which is equipped only with power and water supplies.

    The uniqueness of our QRYO Portable Ice Bath lies in its innovative technology and functional design. Each Ice Bath and chiller are tested at our facilities prior to delivery.


    Carbon fibre and composite materials are key to ensure maximum lightness and, at the same time, structural stiffness and durability.

    The chiller is able to deliver 1.5 kW of thermal power occupying half of the volume typically required for a similar performance. The chillier operates automatically and does not require any assistance by technical personnel. It is a silent, efficient and reliable system, which solely requires water and power supplies (220V). The materials and hydraulic systems utilised do not require any maintenance to be performed by the user.

    The control system of the chiller is calibrated to respond to a wide range of environmental conditions, enabling its normal use in any situation.

    The chiller is equipped with a last generation ozone generating unit for the sanitation of the water. The ozone is dissolved directly in the circulation water and does not leave any chemical residuals, as it converts back into oxygen after use. The ozone generation unit does not require any consumable substance. Ozone is an extremely powerful agent against bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites and no micro-organism is able to resist its oxidising action, which is complete after only 20 minutes of operation of the system.


    The design of QRYO Portable Ice Bath is focussed on transportability and ease of use.

    The operations of assembly and disassembly are minimised. The bath is composed of only 4 parts, which can be easily assembled in few minutes by a single person. The structure of the bath is made out of hinged panels, which fold in order to minimise bulk during transportation. The bath and the chiller are connected by flexible hoses equipped with quick connections. The access to the bath is enabled by two foldable stools in order to minimise weight and bulk during transportation.

    The water is contained by a soft fabric cut to size and easily removable in order to perform cleaning operations. Water discharge after use is sped up by the presence of an additional discharge outlet.

    The technical carrying bags provided are equipped with wheels and reinforced handles in order to be transported by a single person.


    QRYO Portable Ice Bath has already been chosen by national and professional teams  (A Series and Premier League) both in Italy and abroad. Our Ice Baths are currently utilised by physiotherapists for sports teams in the fields of football, basketball, rugby, volleyball and hockey. QRYO Portable Ice Bath can be customised with the logo of your own team.